Plain and simple, we’re a team oriented around your dream.

Understanding intuitively what the other partner needs, and when they need it…leading to fewer miscommunications and more captured moments.

Approaching every wedding with confidence because we’ve got our own built-in support system…ensuring your album reflects the highest caliber of creative work we're capable of producing.

Being married is awesome. But at the end of the day, being a “dream team” has less to do with our dynamics and more to do with your vision.

Having the ability to be in two places at once…guaranteeing you receive double the images.

Can we let you in on a little secret? Photographing weddings as a husband and wife team is the closest it gets to having actual superpowers. That’s because being married means more than coming down the stairs wearing the same Gucci belt or saying the exact same thing at the exact same time (although there is that).

Doing life AND business together also means:




Our studio has been photographing weddings and portraits full-time since 2006. During that time, we’ve lost track of how often we've been asked, "Do y’all ever take a break?" while on the job. We're that committed to capturing every detail.

After 14 years of weddings, we know where to find the line between what’s personal and what’s professional. And because we respect the position you’ve trusted us with, that’s a boundary we won’t ever blur.

Respecting the position for 14 years (and counting)

let's team up

Will our husband-and-wife synergy save the world? Maybe not. But will it spare your wedding album from missed moments, a lack of variety, and less-than-stellar imagery? Absolutely.    

At every turn, we’ll take care of swooping in to get the right shots without getting in the way...or taking the focus off you.  

—Kait, BRIDE

“The day of our wedding, Valerie didn’t miss a single thing. She captured over 1,500 photos of every single minute from the bridesmaids getting ready to the last dance at the reception…Ed worked in sync with Valerie and photographed as Valerie’s double, capturing equally as amazing photos from all other angles! By the time our wedding day arrived, I felt as though we were inviting not only photographers to our beautiful wedding, but also friends. Choosing Valerie and Co. Photographers was easily the best decision my husband and I made during our wedding planning process!”

 Share your story with us 

From experience, we can confirm that there’s a joy-filled journey waiting for you at the end of this wild thing called the wedding planning process. It would be our absolute honor to capture “day one” of the rest of your lives.

Individually, we’ve held jobs ranging from certified Charleston tour guide to restaurateur to high school photography teacher. We learned valuable things along the way—like where to find the best proposal spots in Charleston and how to keep cool under pressure (because, teenagers).

Ultimately, we each pursued full-time photography careers because we’re passionate about storytelling. We chose to merge our years of experience into one brand because two perspectives are better than one. And while we provide a range of portrait services, we focus on weddings because there’s no story as compelling as a love story that leads to marriage.

When we started shooting weddings together in 2017, something clicked. (And we’re not just talking about the shutter button.) We started finishing each other’s sentences, exploring our respective loves for Forensic Files (her) and Wu-Tang Clan (him), sharing both the beautiful and the broken bits of our souls, and generally just becoming best friends.

In 2018, we made things official and said “I do.” Being partners in business is awesome, but doing life side-by-side as husband and wife beats it by a mile.

Our love story is a lot like Pam and Jim’s on The Office. If Pam and Jim were photographers. And they both grew up in Charleston. And Pam was the boss instead of Michael Scott.


Hi, we’re Valerie and Ed!

—Amanda, BRIDE

“My husband found [Valerie and Ed] when he was doing some research on photographers to capture our engagement. The dynamic between the two of them was so cool. We were relaxed and just had fun with them. When it was time to decide who was going to shoot our wedding, it wasn't even a thought! We already had the relationship started with Valerie and Ed, communication was there, and we already had a feel for the way they photographed, so it all came together nicely. That was one part of the wedding we didn’t have to stress about because I knew we were in good hands with them.”

Your wedding day also marks the first day of your marriage, and we believe it should be treated as such. For us, that means providing a wedding photography experience that involves and celebrates both of you equally. We LOVE our brides, and promise to show you off at every opportunity with the help of Valerie’s incredible posing skills. But you better believe that Ed’s going to get a killer shot (or 12) of our grooms and their guys, too. 


Our blended family includes five kiddos—Ethan, Jackson, Dabnie, Lydia, and our newest addition, baby Donovan. We proudly rock a minivan dubbed “The Limo.” With that said, please trust us when we say that if we can wrangle our kids into a frame-worthy family portrait, we can do the same for your crew. Let's do this!


Charleston abounds with tourists and recent transplants, but it’s been our home since childhood...meaning we know the city like few others do. Searching for the best place to propose in Charleston? Want to discover a unique Lowcountry location for your wedding portraits? Love the idea of working with a true local? You’ve found the right photography team. 


Germany, Hawaii, Jamaica, Mexico, New York, Saint Lucia...we have photographed weddings all over the United States and the world, and would be honored to travel to your destination of choice. Our travel experiences include exploring temples in Cambodia, climbing glaciers in Argentina, swimming with sharks in South Africa, and ice skating at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Where to next?



the Valerie & Ed starter pack

(and how our passions help us serve you)  



Up for grabs: 14+ years of professional experience, two sets of artistic eyes, concierge service, lots of fun, a deep commitment to providing you with images you’ll always cherish...and more. 

Let’s team up to make sure it’s captured right.

Coming soon: Day one of the rest of your life.