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IN YOur search for the best?

The Knot told you that booking a photographer should be a top priority when planning your wedding, so you’ve been doing some research to find the perfect fit.

You know what you’re looking for:

Classic images that are a true reflection of you and the celebration you’re planning.

Trustworthy recommendations to help you sort through what you really want and need throughout the process.

A gallery that reminds you of everything you experienced on your wedding day, and reveals moments you may have missed during the hustle to get bustled and hit that dance floor.

That's because we’re more than button pushers.

“Look good, feel good”—or so the saying goes. The years we’ve spent as partners in business and in life have shown us it’s really the other way around. Feeling confident is a prerequisite to looking your best. As your wedding photography team, we’re here to help you achieve both.

Can we handle awkwardness? Heck yeah. We embrace it. With the help of a few well-timed dad jokes, we can even make formal family portraits feel like the most fun you’ve had in years.

Two pro photographers with one purpose: providing wedding documentation
designed around you.

We’re valerie and ed

You can’t figure out who really lives up to that title.

How many "best wedding photographers" in Charleston can there really be? According to Google, about the same as the number of "best pizza joints" located in New York. You need a photography team who can be trusted to deliver on the promises they make...and then go a few steps further. 

There’s just one problem.

We’re memory-capturing ninjas who can go where you can’t. Tried-and-true professionals with the years of wedding planning experience you lack. Creative directors who will give you the guidance you need when you need it. As an added bonus, we can even be in two places at once—no “Abracadabra” required.

If you think you’re not photogenic, think again. You just haven’t worked with the right photography team yet. 

Let’s get to know each other better

-Maranda, Bride

“I’ve never seen two people be in so many places, what seems like, all at once. Having [Valerie and Ed] as our photographers was one of the best decisions we made during the planning process. Valerie is either climbing on top of furniture, standing out in the road, and/or completely upside down to get the perfect shot. Ed took some of the most unique photos; he caught moments of the night from a completely different perspective. Both of them together make a great team and bounce ideas off of one another wonderfully. I would absolutely recommend them to everyone and anyone who is getting married and truly wants their night to be captured nothing less than perfectly.”

I’ve never seen two people be in so many places, what seems like, all at once. 


“WOW! Valerie is so thorough and detail-oriented! She took GORGEOUS photos that we will cherish forever! Her artistic eye is quite apparent. She's a real go-getter when she's gathering everyone and instructing us how to pose, and she's SO nice! We have photos I never thought we'd have...If you want THE BEST, don't look at the rest! We are truly fortunate to have had Valerie as our wedding photographer.”



“I don't consider myself very photogenic because I'm a short, curvy lady (you know what I mean, ladies!), but Valerie blew my mind when it came to the volume of amazing pictures...she is definitely a pro who could work with my body type to pose it in the most flattering ways and she made me feel beautiful during the whole thing...I'm proud of every single one of them! I was crying from happiness that all of them were my favorites. And talk about making things look gorgeous...every single shot looked timeless and epic. Couldn't be more pleased.”


Classic wedding photography

to help you remember your wedding the way it actually happened

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Now and forever, our goal is for you to say, “Wow...these photos are so us.”

“Classic imagery” isn't just a style of photography. It's the result of a careful consideration of longevity.

Put it this way: The sky is blue today, and it’s still going to be blue ten years from now. That’s why—as trendy as turquoise clouds might be at the moment—we avoid crazy colorizations and stylized editing. Because when you’re flipping through your wedding album on future anniversaries, we don’t want you to say, “Man, these look so 2020.” 

That's exactly what we want to avoid when photographing your wedding. 

Remember the early years of Instagram when everyone used the Valencia filter? Yeah...we try to forget them too. We’re betting any pictures you coated in those orange-yellow tones have long since been archived. They just look so dated now, right?

-carrie, Bride

“Valerie took our wedding photos 10 years ago today! Every year, I look back, and I am so thankful we chose her. She was amazing! Easy to work with! I still have friends commenting on her incredible artistry.”


Ready to kick off the best wedding photography experience in Charleston?